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Rivers of Bangladesh
Rivers of Bangladesh

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People & Places

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User Gallery

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People & Places
People & Places

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Welcome to Panorama Bangladesh

To know Bangladesh is to love Bangladesh - a green natural country of peace and harmony. Our multiculturalism has made Bangladesh a gastronomical paradise and home wide range of festivals. It's country of natural green and river. As a people, Bangladeshis are very relaxed, warm and friendly.
Geographically, Bangladesh is diverse in many ways. Hundreds of rivers originating from Himalayas which meets the Ocean in Bay of Bengal. Its diversified terrains are very unique as in North it is flat and close to Himalayas, as in South it saturated with Mountains, hills, and the biggest Mangrove forest the Sunderbans with its magnificent flora and fauna. The Longest sea beach in the world, the Cox's Bazaar and the Unique beach Kuakata.
panorama Bangladesh website emphasizes on travel and tourism as well as pleasurable natural views of the country. Our professional team of photographers regularly visit country side to bring up the colors and the beauty of the Bangladesh. It is a non profitable website and its only goal is to provide travel and tourism photographs and information.

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